IOT Wearables

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IOT Wearables


Connected wearable gadgets already created a niche place for itself. Starting with the fitness bands and smartwatches it continued to expand with new wearables. Presently, the market of connected wearables is no longer limited to the ultra-geeks and fitness freaks. Connected or IOT wearables are continuing to grow in popularity.


Apcon is one of the leading IOT wearable app development companies with a track record of developing several sophisticated and successful wearable app for different platforms and categories. We at Apcon can transform the mobile experience for specific wearable needs.


Meeting the demands of connected reality with innovation

The connected reality of IOT gadgets is transforming our living experience on a continuous basis. But when the same connected reality allows us to interact with the surrounding right from our wrist watches or fitness bands, we have a new and promising niche called IOT wearable. At Apcon we build apps that brings together the promise the IOT and wearable through a rewarding user experience. 


When it comes to building IOT wearable apps we take care of the following aspects of development.


  • Cross-platform development to meet the latest UX standards of both iOS and Android.
  • Meeting the latest UI and UX standard of the respective wearable platforms and gadgets.
  • Ease of interaction with an effortless as well as the sophisticated user interface is key to the great wearable experience.



What do we offer for wearable IOT apps?

At Apcon, we offer a whole range of wearable IOT development services. From providing consultation regarding app development projects on IOT wearables to UX and UI development for wearable apps to backend and API building to wearable payment apps development, we offer a whole array of services for IOT wearable platform.


The key services we offer for IOT wearables include the following.




  • Wearables app development consultation: We guide building new wearable IOT apps from the stage of conceptualisation, prototyping, development, testing and deployment.
  • Wearable UI and UX design: We design and build highly innovative and intuitive user interface and user experience for wearable IOT apps.
  • Backend systems: We develop robust backend
    systems for different types of wearable apps.
  • Wearable API development: We also develop API for different wearable IOT devices to help to deliver value with additional features and capabilities.
  • Wearable payment: By embedding the latest wearable technology into different wristbands, smartwatches and other wearables we help users making secure and effortless payments.
  • Wearable fitness apps: We build most sophisticated fitness apps for a whole array of fitness bands, smartwatches or other wearables.


Why choose Apcon for wearable IOT development?


Apcon already established itself as one of the leading development companies for IOT wearable devices. Our expertise and experience with IOT wearable date back to the early era of fitness bands and smartwatches. Here are some of the key reasons to choose Apcon for building IOT apps.


  • We boast of a strong portfolio of several successful IOT wearable apps to our credit.
  • We have a strong dedicated team of experienced wearable app developers.
  • Our experience and expertise in wearable IOT development range across multiple categories and niches of apps.
  • Fast-paced development, complete responsibility up to the app launch and competitive pricing are some of the positive aspects of Apcon.



Do you want to know in more details about our IOT wearable development credentials or processes? Drop us a message and we are going to respond at the earliest.