Dev Ops



DevOps is the leading platform software automation allowing developers to collaborate, share and create value additions while building software and applications for various niches.   Presently, DevOps as a platform is utilised by development companies for faster deployment, implementation and development process.


At Apcon, we are one of the early adopters of the DevOps platform and have utilised DevOps for several custom application development projects representing a wide variety of technologies including Salesforce, Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Azure. Our DevOps expertise stands out with a broad range of software solutions implemented using this platform.


Key platforms we implement DevOps development services for


We provide DevOps development services allowing utilisation of various technologies. Over the years, in offering DevOps development services our sole focus remains on glitch free and fast-paced deployment and implementation and capability to collaborate with multiple coding platforms.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)


We help organisations streamlining the development and deployment of their AWS based applications with the help of DevOps platform. Having years of frontline experience in working with AWS, has ensured us a competitive edge over others.




We have years of experience in working with the Microsoft cloud computing solution Azure and now we help enterprises streamlining development, deployment and implement cloud-based solutions through the powerful collaborative platform of DevOps.




Salesforce is the leading enterprise platform that we utilise with further value additions by streamlining the development, deployment and implementation with DevOps platform.



Why choose Apcon for DevOps development services?


We have established ourselves as one of the leading DevOps development services with an expansive enterprise clientele across the globe and with a robust team of DevOps experts and enterprise software developers. Here are some of the key reasons to choose us for DevOps application development.


  • We have contributed profusely to the DevOps platform from early on.
  • We have a strong portfolio of clients who have been benefited by our DevOps development services.
  • We boast of a dedicated DevOps development team for all the platforms mentioned above.



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