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After building an app it must look awesome, it should be fast-paced and it should have least performance issues. This is what a frontend developer tries to achieve. A quality frontend development is equally about great look and performance. There is an array of advanced frontend development technologies including web languages like HTML, some advanced JavaScript frameworks, some database technologies, some mobile conversion technologies like bootstrap and PhoneGap.

We at Apcon, have proven expertise with several frontend technologies to build most sophisticated and feature-rich responsive websites and mobile applications furnished with hybrid as well as native functions and capabilities. We create frontend interfaces that look beautiful, load contents faster and make way for smooth user interactions.



Our expertise with frontend technologies


We boast of rigorous expertise in working with an array of frontend technologies to build most sophisticated user interfaces and deliver highly engaging user experience. Some of the principal frontend technologies we utilise for application development include the following.


React: React is considered to be the most dynamic and flexible language for building high-speed, performance-driven, scalable and feature-rich mobile apps with a beautiful user interface.


Angular: Angular is the leading frontend application development framework that helps easily testing the rich HTML5 web applications thanks to client-side MVC architecture. 


Vue.js: Vue.js is another leading open-source JavaScript framework that supports several useful libraries, an array of sophisticated tools, server-side rendering capabilities and very rigorous caching capability down to the app components.


HTML 5: HTML 5 is the latest web development language used for building maa majority of website components including visuals, text and dynamic features.


JavaScript: JavaScript is the leading web development language for building sophisticated browser-based applications.

Node.js: Node.js is the open source and cross-platform runtime environment for building lean server-side applications.

VBScript: This is another lightweight scripting language which is reliable for building lean web apps with fast-paced performance.

Ajax: Ajax is used to incorporate interactive elements within web applications and to allow highly responsive user experience.

JQuery: JQuery is a robust, feature-rich and highly manipulative javascript library used for efficient event handling, animation and to make Ajax-based interaction better.



Why choose Apcon for Frontend development?


Over the years, Apcon gained a huge reputation with its ahead of time frontend development expertise. It boasts of an unmatched portfolio of most advanced frontend applications developed for an array of industry niches.


Here are some of the principal reasons to choose Apcon for frontend development.


  • An extensive range of high-performance niche apps to our credit.
  • A team of most expert and learned cross-platform developers having experience and expertise with several frontend development technologies.
  • We are adaptive to the evolving technology landscape and constantly learning new languages and skills.
  • We provide round the clock support for all the applications and frontend interfaces built by us.






Do you want to know in more details about our frontend development expertise? Do you want to discuss regarding the most appropriate technology for building your frontend interface? Feel free to consult us. Just drop a message and we will get back to you at the earliest.



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