Web development

Web Development


A website makes the digital face of any organisation, whether it is commercial or administrative or of any other nature. A website allows the footfall of a company in the ever-growing world of web and connected reality. Without a website to the name of an enterprise or organisation, it invariably falls short of communication with its target audience. This is why building a website is the invariable part and parcel of a company’s digital strategy.


We at Apcon, offer most future ready and sophisticated web development services for the modern enterprises and organisations. Our expertise and experience with web development began with the early days of the web and over the years we have built countless successful websites across the business niches. Our skill set in web development ranges across multiple CMS platforms, frontend and backend technologies.


What do we offer in Web Development?


We provide an extensive range of web development services involving a variety of CMS platforms as well as frontend and backend technologies. Our principal credential lies in delivering most sophisticated user experience with the latest JavaScript technologies, front-end frameworks and mobile-optimised design innovations. Some of the key web development platforms we have proven expertise include the following.


  • WordPress development: WordPress is the world’s leading CMS platform which powers the vast majority of blogs and websites ranging from personal blogs to feature rich commercial websites. We build most sophisticated WordPress websites by utilising the unique abilities of the CMS platform in delivering a highly customised user interface and user experience.
  • PHP Development: PHP is the most popular programming language for web development and empowers a vast majority of frontend frameworks and CMS platforms including WordPress. Besides building websites from scratch with PHP, we also undertake development tasks involving most advanced and mobile friendly PHP frameworks.
  • Laravel Development: Laravel is another highly popular PHP framework used widely for building richly featured websites with the smooth user experience. We used Laravel for building several user-friendly websites across the niches.
  • Magento Development: Magento is the leading CMS platform powering a multitude of successful ecommerce and mobile commerce websites and apps. The biggest popularity factors of Magento are the versatile user experience powered with an exhaustive range of state of the art ecommerce features, sophisticated user interface powered with a multitude of theme options, a power-packed bucket of plugins and extensions that cover almost every feature and a great user experience.
  • Typo3 Development: Typo3 is an open source, PHP based CMS system that has the distinction of offering great scalability and reliability of code while being used across multiple web servers. We at Apcon have built several successful enterprise apps to unleash the flexibility and scalability of Typo3 for powerful web interaction.


Why choose us for web development?


Apcon has already established itself as one of the leading web development companies with a strong portfolio of enterprise and commercial websites across the niches and categories. Here are some of the key reasons to choose us for your web development needs.


  • We boast of a strong team of web developers and designers having years of frontline experience in creating websites with a rewarding user experience.
  • Our expertise in web development ranges across all major CMS platforms from WordPress to Magento and frontend and backend frameworks.
  • We build highly sophisticated and future-ready websites with a keen focus on mobile users.
  • We boast of a strong portfolio of commercial, enterprise and ecommerce websites across multiple niches.
  • We offer a highly competitive rate for building most sophisticated websites complete with the custom user interface and unmatched user experience.



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