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Android App Development Service


Android represents the most dominant mobile operating system platform powering the vast majority of mobile devices. Naturally, when unleashing a new mobile app one cannot do without an Android app. With an Android app, any business and any brand can enjoy the widest market exposure.


At Apcon, we have a strong and robust Android app development process with a track record of producing a long list of most sophisticated and successful Android apps across multiple niches and categories. Our Android development experience dates back to the early era of Android platform and devices.



What do we offer with Android development service?


Our Android app development expertise and experience span across a wide variety of niches and categories. Over the years, we have built a wide variety of sophisticated mobile apps with unique features, design and UX attributes. Here are some of the key Android app development services we offer.


  • Android enterprise apps
  • Android video, live streaming and entertainment apps
  • Android mobile game apps
  • Android mobile commerce app and online stores
  • Android IOT apps
  • Android cloud apps
  • Android apps for utility and productivity
  • Android apps for social media and chat
  • Android booking, travel and tourism apps
  • Android apps for health and fitness
  • Android apps for the camera and photo editing
  • Android map apps
  • Android cloud and real-time apps
  • Android app marketing, support and maintenance



The types of Android apps we have proven expertise with


For more than a decade, we have established ourselves as one of the leading Android app development company with a global clientele and presence across multiple niches. Our expertise in Android app development helped to shape several success stories across app categories in Play Store. Here we are going to have a look at some of the key types of Android apps we have built and had expertise with.


Android real-time chat apps: We build sophisticated real-time chat incorporating latest tools and technologies for instant media conversation.


Android enterprise apps: We build advanced business apps for Android users with latest location technologies and state of the art features.


Android retail and ecommerce stores: We build sophisticated and thoroughly customer-centric retail and ecommerce apps for Android users across multiple advanced devices.


Android wearable apps: We build state of the art Android wearable apps for Android smartwatches and a wide array of fitness bands and health tracking gadgets.


Android mobile games: We also develop the most addictive mobile games across a variety of game categories and player niches with the gratifying gaming experience.


Android smart home apps: We build cutting-edge smart home apps with the most sophisticated user interface for all types of connected gadgets and devices we use at home or at the workplace.





Why choose Apcon for Android app development?



At Apcon, we build Android apps with outstanding excellence in UX and UI and ensure contributing to the mobile app strategy with our sophisticated Android apps. We have the capability to build the most versatile and business-focused apps that stand out with engaging user experience and sophistication. Whether you need to build Android apps from the scratch or you need to hire Android app developers for your offshore development projects, we are there to help you out.


Here we mention some of the key reasons to choose Apcon for building your next Android app.


  • We boast of a large dedicated team of Android developers having years of experience and frontline exposure to Android development.
  • We boast of a solid portfolio of most sophisticated Android apps equipped to the boot with great UI and UX.
  • We take full responsibility of the entire lifecycle of development and launching process starting from the prototyping to coding, testing to deployment, and post-development maintenance and support.
  • We follow an agile development methodology with concurrent testing to ensure optimum performance output.
  • We ensure the shortest turnaround time and the fastest time to market for every app.
  • We offer Android app development service with a tremendously competitive price quote.



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