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AngularJS created and maintained by Google is presently one of the most popular JavaScript frontend development frameworks. It has been popular among the developers worldwide because of its simplicity. This framework is known to offer appropriate solutions to all development concerns including design, coding, testing and deployment.


We at Apcon, utilise AngularJS to its full potential to build and shape sophisticated and powerful mobile apps empowered with beautiful UI and great UX. We use AngularJS framework for building highly scalable, versatile and performance driven apps across all app niches.




Why choose AngularJS for frontend development?


AngularJS is considered to be the most power-packed, flexible and dynamic app development framework for building tremendously scalable and versatile mobile apps with a rich user interface and uncompromising performance. Let us have a look at the key reasons to use AngularJS for frontend development.


Fast-paced development: AngularJS ensures optimum page loading speed with very simplified app development and testing process.


Custom app development: AngularJS is a framework that comes loaded with a rich set of libraries along with a multitude of extensions to help users meet their requirements.

Sophisticated development: AngularJS framework comes loaded with most sophisticated and advanced development features ranging from deep linking, dependency injections, data binding, MVC, etc.


Ideal for cross-platform apps: AngularJS is ideal for building performance savvy cross-platform apps as the framework allows reusing the same codebase for multiple platforms.




The apps we develop using Angularjs


We are one of the early adopters if this framework and over the years we developed an array of successful mobile apps using AngularJS. The AngularJS apps built by us are distinguished by creative design, powerful codebase and sophisticated user experience attributes. Let us show here some of the apps we built using the AngularJS framework.

Real-Time Web Apps: We use AngularJS to build future-ready web apps with real-time streaming and communication capability. 


Chatbot apps: By using AngularJS and NodeJs frameworks we develop intelligent chatbot apps powered by sophisticated algorithms.


Web backend: Using AngularJS we also develop robust backend interface loaded with easy to use buttons, tools and intuitive command panel.


Single-Page web apps: We also build fast loading and user-focused single page web apps using AngularJS framework.


App support & maintenance: We also provide continuous support and maintenance for all AngularJS apps. We provide, testing, code optimisation and redesign services for all Android apps.




Why choose us for AngularJS App Development?

At Apcon, with a group of highly talented and expert AngularJS app developers, we have built an array of successful apps across niches. Whether building apps from scratch or hiring developers for offshore projects, we can meet a variety of AngularJS development needs.


Expertise and experience: We have a strong team of developers experienced in building AngularJS apps and several successful AngularJS apps to our credit.


Bug-free and clean coding: We develop AngularJS apps with clean and bug-free code and ensure optimum app performance thanks to efficient coding.


Agile development: We develop apps following an agile development process with concurrent testing to ensure faster as well as efficient development.

Industry acclaimed development process: When building mobile web apps with AngularJS we follow the time-tested development process and schedule with dedicated project manager and milestones for the project.


Most competitive rate: Without compromising on app quality and performance, we offer one of the most competitive prices for developing high-performance AngularJS apps.




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