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Software and app testing plays the most crucial role in the quality assurance and business processes across enterprises. Testing is crucial to validate the performance, functional output, quality and several other aspects that have a direct impact on the business outcomes. But since the continuously increasing codebase and the addition of functions continue to create manual testing more challenging and expensive, more enterprises now are opting for automation testing. With the availability of an array of sophisticated automation testing tools and standardisation, it is increasingly becoming the de-facto testing methods for enterprises all over the globe.


At Apcon, we provide robust and most updated automation testing services with the cutting edge testing tools, expertise, professional know-how and experience. Our experience and expertise with automation testing date back to the early years of leveraging automation in testing processes. Over the years, we have become a trusted name for helping applications to ensure quality and performance by availing our automation testing services.


The advantages of automation testing for enterprise apps


Why go for automation testing when you can hire a manual testing team and validate your software performance and efficiency? Well, compared to manual testing, automation testing provides an array of crucial advantages for businesses. Let us explain below some of the key advantages of automation testing for modern enterprise apps and software.


  • Automation testing helps to save a lot of time and budget.
  • It is more effective and efficient in validating quality and performance with wider coverage of testing software and apps.
  • It reduces the manual interventions of others to a minimum.
  • It helps to achieve consistent and precise results.
  • It makes the development cycle faster through fast-paced testing assessment and testing.
  • In spite of pacing up the testing process, it doesn’t compromise with the testing speed.
  • It allows running testing programs or testing scripts anytime and thus it reduces the cost of going through elaborate manual testing.
  • It allows running testing scripts across multiple computers running on a variety of operating systems and varying configurations.




Prominent Automation Testing Company

Being a leading automation testing company, we deliver superior testing services for various software & application test automation projects. We use the best test automation frameworks & tools, which allow us to provide our clients with high quality services, including automation software testing, mobile test automation, QA automation & more. Our dedicated & hardworking automation testers develop a quantitative QA strategy that easily integrates with various testing tools and keeps release cycles on schedule & budget.

Apcon automation testing services

We, at Apcon, have years of experience and exposure to automation testing. Our experience across a variety of enterprise projects makes us capable to take any challenging testing jobs for different software or applications. Let us have a look at some of the automation testing services provided by us.


  • Software Test Automation
  • Web Service Automation Testing
  • Web App Automation Testing
  • Mobile App Automation Testing
  • Functional Test Automation
  • Automated Regression Testing


Why Choose Apcon for Automation Testing Services?

Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the most sought-after service providers for automation testing. Our automation testing services helped to validate and driving performance for numerous enterprise, web and mobile apps across niches. Here are some of the invincible reasons to choose us for your automation testing needs.



  • Our automation testing process incorporates ROI analysis and assessment.
  • We provide comprehensive end-to-end automation testing services.
  • We boast of a team of highly experienced, talented and skilled automation testers.
  • We focus on curbing the development cycle and cost with our automation testing services.
  • We use the most advanced and cutting-edge testing tools for an uncompromising testing output.
  • We offer customised automation testing to suit specific validation needs as per your quality assurance focus and needs.
  • We strictly adhere to the timeline and schedule.
  • We provide a robust 24* 7 technical support for our clients.



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