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An enterprise application (EA) is meant to operate in a business or corporate environment. As such apps deserve more scalability, functional output and performance, a robust testing process plays a very important role for them. Typically an EA software involves shared business tools and a variety of organisational models. The EAs serve as a mission-critical component in an enterprise environment. They play a crucial role in augmenting business functionalities and features through sophisticated enterprise architecture. Naturally, enterprise testing services are invincible for any business environment using enterprise applications.


At Apcon, we provide sophisticated enterprise testing services for advanced enterprise software solutions. Our testing procedures guarantee to enhance the efficiency and productivity of software solutions by finding performance glitches and UX shortcomings in a credible manner.


Why enterprise testing is so crucial?


In large enterprises where software applications play a crucial role to boost efficiency, productivity and sophistication in business processes, the reliability of such applications are critical to the overall performance and output. The smooth and glitch-free performance of enterprise apps largely depends on the successful testing of these apps.


Here are some of the key reasons that make enterprise testing crucial in a corporate or business environment.


  • Enterprise testing ensures at par performance of the application compared to industry standard.
  • Enterprise testing plays an important role to ensure optimum scalability.
  • Enterprise testing ensures optimum data security by finding security vulnerabilities and shortcomings.
  • Enterprise testing helps to find all the shortcomings related to the user experience.
  • Enterprise testing plays an important role in standardising software development and evaluation.


Our offerings in enterprise testing

At Apcon, over the years we had to deal with a plethora of app testing tasks requiring different approaches. No wonder, we stand as one of the sought-after destinations for enterprise testing services. Let us briefly mention below our approaches and offerings in enterprise testing.


  • Modular testing approach
  • Regression, Integration and System testing
  • Usability testing
  • Performance testing
  • Functionality testing
  • Business logic testing
  • Testing database interactions

We also undertake in-depth testing of the following application attributes. Let’s have a look.


  • Testing interdependencies among multiple business layers and mapping the relations among them.
  • Testing UI, usability and dataflow.
  • Testing compatibility on various device and operating system configurations
  • Testing installation and deployment by simulating the environment
  • Testing reliability and performance particularly in regard to the load tolerance capability
  • Testing the capability of the enterprise app to recover from crashes and failure.



Why hire us for enterprise application testing?


Enterprise app testing plays a key role in the success of enterprise applications and software solutions. Such testing processes for mission-critical applications in the business environment requires great expertise, seasoned skills and years of experience in dealing with software built for enterprises. At Apcon, we proudly have such exposure, expertise and experience needed to develop enterprise applications.


Here are the key reasons to opt for our enterprise application testing services.


  • We are into enterprise application building for years and boast of a great portfolio of successful enterprise app development projects.
  • We are a trusted partner in enterprise app testing for an array of renowned enterprises and companies across the niches.
  • We have a robust team of expert testing professionals having solid exposure in enterprise testing.
  • We provide highly competitive pricing for our world-class enterprise testing services.





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