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Google material design conceptualised and developed by Google came as a path-breaking UI design concept that perfectly incorporates scientific insights about user interactions and evolved aesthetic taste to create crisp, beautiful and easy to use the web and mobile app user interfaces. It is now considered as the most updated design concept for modern applications across niches.


At Apcon, we boast of an experienced team of UI designers and developers having exposure in building numerous applications with material design principles. By using the material design elements like grid-based layout, motion and animation effects and depth to the fullest extent we build sophisticated app UI.


Why go for Material Design?


There is a whole range of factors that helped the evolution of material design. The earlier flat UI design that made design simple for accessing concerns was further worked upon and optimised to give birth to material design which incorporated a lot of elements based on user expectations and insights about user interactions.


Let’s have a look at some of the reasons to choose the material design for web and mobile app UI.

  • Material Design incorporated a lot of user-specific elements that can make the user experience better.
  • Material design is consistent and allows effortless visual engagement.
  • The material design principle is primarily focused on ease of access, visibility of content and clean as well as the clutter-free interface.
  • It has the best of both worlds into a single design principle, i.e. the simplicity and cleanliness of flat design and materialistic or virtual feel of on-screen objects with gradients and shadows.
  • Material design is ideal for incorporating animation and motion design elements into an interface.
  • Google offered it as the Material design framework with a set of well-defined rules to help developers use it for building their web and mobile app user interface.
  • Offered by Google it comes as a free and open-source framework and is a truly cost-effective technology to reduce development cost.


Material design services of Apcon


We at Apcon, use this material design framework from the early years of its launch and since then we have built a whole array of websites and mobile apps using this design framework and principle. Let us mention here some of the material design and development services offered by us.


  • Material design integration: We help integrating material design principles and key attributes across a variety of web and mobile app development projects.
  • Material design for the website: We build and design websites using this material design framework and principle.
  • Material design for mobile apps: We build sophisticated and future-ready mobile apps with a great interface using the material design framework and principle.
  • Material design optimisation: We also help to optimise your earlier website and mobile app designed following the material design framework.
  • Material design support: We also provide full technical and design support to websites and applications designed with material design framework and principle.


Why choose Apcon for material design and development?


Apcon is the leading name for developing the most sophisticated and future-ready websites and mobile apps using material design framework and principle. Here are some of the key reasons to choose Apcon for material design and development.


  • We boast of a dedicated team of material design experts and developers having years of experience and expertise in working with this principle and framework.
  • We boast of a solid portfolio of websites and mobile apps built with material design framework.
  • Our material design approach characteristically results oriented and highly audience-centric.
  • We use most advanced and state of the art tools and technologies for building websites and apps with material design principle.
  • We offer a highly competitive rate for our material design services.
  • We provide round the clock post-development support for all our material design projects and completed websites and apps.



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