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Manual Testing Services


Testing of software and applications is the most important and practical step in a process of evaluation. It gives the final stamp of validation corresponding to its performance and user optimisation attributes. Manual testing of an application carried out among the human users actually ensures validating the user experience and performance of the products. Manual testing is an important procedure for quality assurance of a software application.


At Apcon, we offer most updated and expertise-driven manual testing services equipped with cutting-edge tools experienced testing professionals and well-equipped set up for conducting manual tests. Our manual testing services are well groomed with time-tested methodologies, highly structured processes and rational practices to ensure optimum testing output.



The importance of manual testing


Manual testing services ensure evaluation of software application through the feedback of actual users rather than using the tools and testing software application suites. Manual testing offers some crucial advantages that remain missing with other testing methods like automation testing.


Here are the key advantages of manual testing services.


  • Manual testing services ensure getting real user feedback corresponding to the user experience.
  • Manual testing helps you validating your product for the actual marketplace.
  • Manual testing is the oldest and common testing procedure is more expertise driven compared to other types of testing such as automation testing.
  • Manual testing is the most effective way to incorporate user feedback into the app development process.


Apcon manual testing services


At Apcon, we provide a wide variety of manual testing services for software and applications of diverse niches and categories. Our manual testing services take into account user experience and user benefits as a priority and accordingly conducts testing to validate these attributes. Let us have a look at the key manual testing services offered by us.


IT Testing: This type of manual testing is carried out to test systems, system integration, regression, the end to end performance and data migration.
Manual testing for business apps: This broad category of the manual testing procedure includes user experience testing and testing applications for meeting customer expectations.
Compliance testing: This type of manual testing procedure conducts testing of the compliance aspects such as SOX, HIPAA, etc.

Business Intelligence Testing: This type of manual testing covers testing of data acquisition, ETL testing, reports testing and end to end BI testing.

Apart from these broad categories of manual testing procedures, we also undertake an array of other manual testing tasks. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Client-server application testing.
  • Web app testing.
  • Mobile application testing.
  • Preparing test cases by using effective testing techniques.
  • Manual functional test.
  • Manual testing in real-world conditions.
  • Manual testing to track defects and flaws.
  • Manual testing strategy building.


Why choose Apcon for manual testing services?


We at Apcon, ensure achieving outstanding testing out for a broad array of software applications across diverse niches through a highly coordinated team effort. Our manual testing service is designed to address the pitfalls and shortcomings of automation testing. Let us explain some of the reasons to choose us for manual testing services.


  • We are also a software development company and that gives us a precise edge while conducting testing services as well.
  • We follow agile development and testing methodology to find and address shortcomings during the development cycle itself.
  • Our manual testing experience spans across a wide array of niches and industries ranging from retail, BSFI, healthcare, logistics, telecom, energy and elearning.
  • We also provide all other types of testing services including automated testing and performance testing. We are a one-stop destination for all your testing requirements.



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