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Performance Testing Services


As digital presence through the web and mobile apps is now subjected to stifling and choking competition, performance remains the single most important mover and shaker for the success of these applications. To ensure optimum performance a mobile app or software or a website should go through rigorous performance testing procedure. Performance testing ensures an optimum boost to the loading speed, functional ease and readability of contents.


At Apcon, we carry out most performance testing procedure meeting the latest testing norms, using the latest toolset and with most updated expertise. Our performance testing output ensures optimum results for websites and applications across multiple platforms and interfaces. Over the years, we created a niche reputation with our sophisticated performance testing services.


The crucial role of performance testing


Performance testing in a software or app development scenario plays the crucial role of validating and evaluating user engagement, ease of use and accessibility. By testing the performance of applications only one can meet up to the user expectations from a software or web application. Let us have a look at the key advantages of performance testing for diverse applications.


  • Performance testing validates the reliability, reliability, scalability, flexibility and accessibility of a software application.
  • It also helps in to detect any performance issues and helps to rectify them before the software application is released.
  • Performance testing ensures capacity building and design-centric optimisation to facilitate scalability and ease of use.
  • Performance testing ensures standout user experience resulting in higher business conversion and growth.
  • Performance testing also finds issues with configuration and codebase that need to be addressed in time.



Performance Testing Services offered by Apcon

We are a leading performance testing service provider for cutting-edge software applications, mobile apps and web apps of diverse niches. We provide state of the art performance testing services that ensures boosting software performance and building user engagement in a quick time. Here are some of the key performance testing services provided by us.


  • Software traffic or user load testing / Scalability testing ensures consistent performance with different traffic loads.
  • Stress testing to ensure optimum performance in different scenarios with different volumes and stress of usage
  • Volume testing to ensure optimum performance with different volumes of tasks.
  • Soak testing to ensure optimum durability across situations.
  • Spike testing to ensure that the software application is able to bear the sudden spike in user volume and uses
  • Web service performance testing for websites and web applications across all niches.



Why choose Apcon for performance testing services?


At Apcon we undertake all kinds of performance testing tasks for modern software and web applications across diverse niches. Our performance testing services have served a broad array of enterprise software, mobile applications and web services and met their performance demands. Here are some of the key reasons to choose our performance testing services.


  • We provide performance testing services to suit the diverse performance needs of applications and software.
  • We boast of a strong and dedicated team of performance testing professionals having years of experience and exposure across a variety of challenging projects.
  • We boast of a solid portfolio of the successful software application and web development projects that have been hugely benefited by our testing services.
  • We are also a leading software and web development company and that gives us an edge as a performance testing service provider.
  • We use cutting-edge tools and software testing environments to ensure optimum output through our services.
  • We are versed with a wide variety of performance testing approaches, and strategies for different operating system environments.
  • We ensure highly cost-effective and time-saving performance testing process to deliver a truly cost-competitive rate for our services.
  • We offer round the clock post-testing support for all our clients.



Do you want to know more about our performance testing services? Do you want to go for our advanced performance testing for your latest software products or web apps? Let us know about your requirements and let us offer you the best competitive quote. Feel free to reach us with a text message.




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