PHP Development

PHP Development



PHP is considered as the time honoured and most widely used programming language for the web. It remained popular because of its reliability, scalability, lightweight code and easy deployment. No wonder, PHP is the favourite web language for a multitude of websites all over the globe.


At Apcon, we have a robust PHP development process staffed with extremely experienced PHP developers having a track record of building most demanding, performance-savvy and commercially successful websites across the niches. We are one of the frontline PHP development companies in India with global exposure and clients spread across four continents.



Why choose PHP for website development?



PHP stands apart from all other web development languages because of its dynamic qualities, performance and speed optimisation, dynamic elements, scalability and rich set of features. There are too many reasons to choose PHP as your preferred language for web development. Let us have a look at a few of them.


Time-tested programming


PHP stood the test of time by becoming the most widely used programming language across most successful websites presenting diverse niches and purposes. Over the years, it powered millions of websites all over the globe.



Cost-effective solution


PHP comes as an open source and free solution with the minimum learning curve for the developers. Naturally, you can always hire expert PHP developers at a much lower cost compared to other languages.


PHP is scalable


One of the biggest reason to opt for PHP is that it is highly scalable language and can easily accommodate new features and design elements as your business continues to grow. The language comes with a rich set of features and performance boosting attributes.


Allowing easy customisation


PHP is a highly flexible and versatile language to accommodate customisation as per your website needs. No wonder, most versatile and feature-rich CMS solutions use PHP for their codebase.


Community Support


PHP being the most popular and widely used language enjoys the constant support of a large development community ready to come with answers to all sorts of issues. You can get ready help for any PHP programming issues instantly over the web.



What do we deliver with PHP development?

PHP is part of our core competence and expertise areas when it comes to web development. At Apcon, we deliver a broad spectrum of PHP development services. Let us explain them briefly here.


PHP Web Development: Using the versatile and flexible power of PHP language we develop fully customised richly featured web apps as per the audience it is destined to serve. We leave no opportunity untried to provide an engaging, sophisticated, and customer-centric user experience.

CMS Development: We also utilise the power of PHP for building custom CMS solutions that perfectly addresses all your concerns about audience engagement specific to the niches.


PHP Framework development: We also have years of experience in building sophisticated web and mobile apps using an array of advanced PHP frameworks. We develop feature rich web apps tuned to individual client needs with multiple PHP frameworks.

PHP Support: We also provide lathe test PHP updates to websites and provide redesign and rebuilding services. We provide continuous support to all our PHP clients and ensure glitch-free performance throughout the business lifecycle. 




Why choose Apcon for PHP development?



Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the most sought-after PHP development companies with a robust portfolio of successful websites and PHP based hybrid apps. Here are some of the key reasons to choose us for your PHP development needs.


  • We boast of an unmatched portfolio of most successful PHP web apps across the niches.
  • We have a robust team of most experienced PHP developers with outstanding expertise and track records.
  • Beautifully designed websites with uncompromising performance and steady engagement is our key strength.
  • We offer tremendously cost-competitive development rate for building multi-layered and demanding PHP development projects.
  • We follow an agile development process to ensure faster completion of projects while leaving no scope for bugs and errors.
  • We always adhere to strict deadlines and project milestones.





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